Vendor Application

Applications for the December 2017 market are CLOSED.  All vendors have already been chosen.  Please check back in February when applications open up for the June 2018 market.

Friday, December 15: Vendor Setup 2-7pm

Saturday, December 16: 7-9am (vendor setup) 9am-2pm (open for shopping) 2-3pm (tear down)

Location: Hamilton County Fairgrounds (Llama Barn) – 2003 Pleasant Street, Noblesville, IN 46060

How do you determine who gets accepted into the Indy Mommy Market?  This is a juried market.  We want the Indy Mommy Market to be a place where the customers know exactly what they’re going to see when they arrive. They’ll see vendors with a great eye for children’s fashion and creativity. We want all of our vendors to be successful, so we try to have a good mixture of different items as well as items that are trendy and fresh. Applicants must sell baby/kids related products ONLY. Direct sales (Matilda Jane, Lularoe, essential oils, Osbourne Books, Scentsy, etc.) will NOT be sold at the Indy Mommy Market.

How long will you be accepting applications?  Applications will be open August 1-31.  Any applications received after August 31 will not be considered.  Approved vendors will be notified on or before September 15.

How do I submit my application?  Please click on the link provided at the top or bottom of this page to fill out your online application.  Once you have filled out the application, you will be directed to submit the 3 photos listed below via email to  You must submit these 3 photos in order for us to consider your application.  You will receive a confirmation email once your application is completed.

1) product photo (absolutely NO collages allowed)
2) product photo (absolutely NO collages allowed)
3) booth photo (absolutely NO collages allowed) – If this will be your first market and, therefore, have no booth photos, please explain so in the email. Instead, send another product photo.

What size are the booths? How much do they cost?
All booth spaces are 10×10.  Booth spaces cost $65.  There is a possibility that we may have a couple double booth spaces available for double the cost ($130).  If this is something that you are interested in, please indicate that on your application.

Can I share a booth with my friend?
  No. We aren’t allowing people to share booths. We want each booth to look cohesive, not split up.

How should I display my items?
  We want each booth to look professional and inviting. The most inviting displays are creative and allow room for the customers to easily move throughout and see everything. Tables are definitely not required. Make your space a place where people are intrigued to enter. Experience is not necessary.  Also, being that this is a Christmas market, we are encouraging all vendors to add a little Christmas spirit to their displays.  There will even be some incentives for the most festive booth.  Be creative!

What time can I set up?
  Set up will be scheduled from 2-7pm on Friday evening and 7-9am on Saturday morning. Every booth needs to be set up by 9am so that we can start the market at 9am.

Can I offer any special deals or discounts?  Yes.  We highly encourage you to participate in our special shoppers coupon page.  We will be offering an exclusive coupon page to the first 150 shoppers with special deals for participating shops.  These coupons will only be given to the first 150 shoppers.  Please begin thinking about what special deal you would like to offer to these special shoppers. Examples: Percent discount, free gift with purchase, buy 1 get 1, etc.  It is completely up to you.  We will ask selected vendors about your special deal a month prior to the Market.  You will not be responsible for printing anything; we will print all the deals on one page and will be giving the coupon page to the first 150 shoppers.

Do I need to be at my booth the whole time? How does checkout work?  Yes! It is important that you are at your booth to chat with customers, answer questions, and handle all purchases. We do not have a central checkout. You can decide what forms of payment you will accept. You can have up to 2 helpers at your booth if needed.

Can I trade spaces with another vendor?
  No. Booth assignments will be made by the Indy Mommy Market team prior to the market.  You will need to stay in the spot assigned to you, so as to not bring confusion to the shoppers. This also helps us so that, for example, two hair accessory shops aren’t right next to each other.

Will I have access to electricity?
  We have limited access to electricity. Make sure to indicate this need on your application so we can make sure you are located near a power source.  If you need electricity please bring power cords and tape for the floor so that we can avoid accidents. We will not provide power cords or tape.

Can I bring food & beverages?  Yes, you may bring food and beverages with you. We will also have a couple food vendors on site for food purchase.  We would love for you to support these local businesses as well.

How can you help?  We really want this event to be successful. In order for that to happen, we need for all selected vendors to spread the word about the Indy Mommy Market  event through their website, social media, etc.

Questions? Contact us at